11 Gift Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life

Sat Nov 14 2015 | off-topic | sod

The holidays are coming, and you've already got presents planned out for some of your friends and family. You bought Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void for your brother who loves PC gaming. You found the perfect floral-print blazer for your fashion-minded friend. But you're still wondering what you should get the gardener or landscaper in your life.

Read through this list of 11 gift ideas for gardeners and find the inspiration you need for that perfect gift.

1. A Heavy-Duty Hose

Gardeners spend a lot of time watering their plants, and a cheap garden hose can really make their life difficult. A kink-resistant garden hose with solid couplings will please any landscaper. If you're worried that a hose is simply too ho-hum for a holiday gift, buy a uniquely colored hose or include a quality hose reel as well.

2. The Perfect Pot or Planter

A beautiful, elegant planter will get any plant enthusiast thinking. Part of the fun of an empty pot or planter is pondering all the possibilities in front of you. A pot gives a gardener extra flexibility-plants are no longer confined to the yard. Planters come in many styles, so find one that matches your gardening friend's personal tastes.

3. A Hearty Houseplant

A plant-lover will never turn down a new plant, but he or she might appreciate a unique plant such as a "Pink Cadillac" euphorbia, a rabbit foot fern, or a peace lily. Whether you elect for a rare plant or a traditional Christmas poinsettia, make sure that you purchase a healthy plant that will survive the typical temperatures and conditions of a house.

4. A Marvelous Weather Monitor

Most people are content with watching the nightly weather forecast or just asking Siri about the weather. But gardeners aren't "most people." Keep it classic with a simple yet striking rain gauge, or go all out with a complex digital monitoring system. Either way, the landscaper in your life will appreciate the added information and personalized touch a weather monitor provides.

5. A Classy Watering Can

Nothing says "gardener" like a high-quality watering can. Don't let your friend or family member water their houseplants with a plastic cup-help them water their plants in style. Modern, innovative designs have ergonomic handles and tips that release a smooth flow of water. One thing to keep in mind-if the recipient will be using the watering can indoors, make sure the can isn't too tall for a kitchen sink.

6. A Great Gardening Course

Give the gift of a true garden guru to an inexperienced gardener. Let a landscaping enthusiast learn the latest trends in the field, or help a hobby horticulturist take an official botany class. You can find courses online or even sign someone up for an authoritative horticulture certificate program though a university.

7. Quality Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves make the planting process much more comfortable. You can find gloves in a variety of styles, and every type of glove holds a specific appeal. Rugged leather gloves repel painful thorns, arm-length gloves provide protection up to the shoulder, and you can even find chic, fashionable gloves that still shelter the hand from harm.

8. A Homemade Tool Hanger

A gardener needs a place to keep his or her tools. A traditional toolbox might work, but a wooden tool hanger offers extra-easy access to a trowel or rake. Additionally, the hanger might add an attractive, rustic touch to the garden shed or garage in which it resides.

9. A Trustworthy Tool

Speaking of trowels and other tools, check with your gardening friend to see if he or she needs to replace any old equipment. Make sure to ask (or do some snooping yourself) to find out which tools your friend or family member needs. An extra pair of gloves will often come in handy, but an extra copy of the same specialized tool might just get in the way.

10. A Superb Sundial

Give a garden a classic feel with a decorative sundial. A sundial adds a traditional touch and can even be the focal point of a yard. If the sundial is installed correctly, you can also take advantage of its old-fashioned functionality. A gardener can skip the smartphone and rely on a sundial when checking the time in the yard.

11. A Fantastical Fairy Garden

If your garden-loving friend is of the more whimsical sort, help him or her build a fairy garden in the backyard. This makes an excellent homemade gift, but you can also find premade fairy garden accessories online. Either way, your friend will appreciate the quirky, charming additions to his or her yard.

We hope this list helps you find a great gift for your friend or family member who loves gardening. And if you happen to be the gardening aficionado, you can always quietly send a link to this blog post to your own family and friends. They'll figure out why you sent it to them.