Lawn Maintenance

Tue Nov 10 2015 | maintenance | sod

After your new sod roots into your yard and matures, general maintanence becomes much easier. However, there are still a few things to learn and to watch out for to avoid common pitfalls.

Watering your lawn

Once it becomes established, fescue will develop a deep root system. Therefore, a deep watering program will give you the best results. Seasonal and weather conditions will usually dictate the water requirements of your lawn. Under normal conditions and during cooler months, a twice weekly watering should be sufficient. Daily watering will be required during very hot weather.

Remember to water thoroughly each time and allow the lawn to moderately dry out between watering intervals. For best results, always water during the morning hours. If areas of your lawn appear to wilt or take on a bluish-gray look, water immediately and more frequently.

Mowing your lawn

Mow your lawn on a weekly basis at a height of 2"-3". For best results use a rotary mower with a sharp blade. Never scalp or remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade top growth in one mowing. Always collect and remove grass clippings.

How to fertilize your lawn

A regular fertilizing program will help insure that your lawn remains strong, vigorous and attractive. Your Superior Plus lawn should be fertilized every 4-6 weeks with a quality lawn fertilizer. Check with us for the proper fertilizer to meet your needs.

Keeping weeds under control

If it becomes necessary to use chemical weed controls, use extreme caution to avoid damaging your lawn. Consult with us before using any herbicides and always follow the product label directions carefully.

Insect problems?

Most insects that damage lawns can be controlled with routine applications of insecticides at the manufacturer's recommended rate. Be sure to consult us regarding the proper use of an insecticide.

Lawn diseases

When Superior Plus is properly maintained it is less likely to be affected by common disease problems. If a disease problem is suspected, contact us for the proper disease control products.