Planting Superior Fescue in the Fall

Wed Jan 14 2015 | installation | sod

planting Fescue splash image

When planting a new sod lawn in the fall it is best to install the sod immediately on arrival to the job site. Sod stacked on pallets is heavy and lower rolls can become damaged if left on the pallet too long. When installing the sod remember to water as you go. It’s best to have someone water the first 30-40 rolls as they are installed on the ground and continue until finished. Then it’s time to turn on the sprinkler system to thoroughly water the new sod lawn. New sod must be watered at least 3 times per day the first week to keep it green and to insure proper rooting. Once the new sod lawn roots in, less water is needed to keep it looking its best. The ideal sprinkler system should include an automatic timer clock and properly spaced in-ground sprinkler heads that insure overlapping spray.

After your new sod lawn has been growing approximately 2- 3 weeks, it is time to mow. Use a sharp bladed rotary mower set at medium high to high. You should mow at a height of 2-3 inches and a rule of thumb is to cut off no more than one third of the grass height. If a fescue sod lawn is mowed too short or scalped, it will lose its dark green color and tend to dry out more quickly between waterings.

To keep your Superior Fescue sod lawn beautifully green year round apply a well balanced turf fertilizer 4-6 times per year.