Sod Installation

Sun Jun 14 2015 | installation | sod

This guide will walk you through the process of what to do after your preperation work is complete. Sod is highly perishable, so it is imperative that you lay it down as soon as possible after it arrives. This is particularly important during warmer weather. Also, keep in mind that you must lay the sod down the same day it arrives to be eligible for our one-year guarantee.

Your sod has just been delivered. Now what?

Ideally, all of your perperation work will be completely finished by this step. Before you start to lay your sod down, lightly moisten the soil a bit and keep it moist while you work. Just be sure not to let it get muddy or it can create problems for you (e.g. uneven ground, messy (or messier, rather) work environment).

Also consider, on average it takes one person about an hour to lay 200 - 250 square feet. Remember to also shower the pallet with water (along with the rest of your yard) often enough to keep the unlaid sod moist, but not swampy.

How do you lay sod?

One piece of sod weighs about 25 pounds depending on how saturated it is with water; always remember to use proper lifting techniques. As you lay the sod, stagger the pieces so that the seams of the short sides don't align. Think of a brick-like pattern; just remember to fit each piece together snuggly with those around it. You don't want any gaps in between. This technique helps prevent water from channeling in between peices of sod and running off to pool in low spots of your yard.

It might also be a good idea to consider purchasing a sod sickle along with your order. Sod sickles are perfect for carving peices of sod to snuggly fit the shape of your yard.

A few things to keep in mind once you're finished

After your finished laying down your sod, it must be watered. Proper watering upon installation is the key to having a good lawn. For at least 7 - 10 days after installation, your new sod must be watered frequently to keep it moist at all times. Be sure the water penetrates the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches.

Under hot, dry, and windy conditions, it may be necessary to shower the new sod several times a day to avoid wilt and damage. For best results, avoid walking on your sod as much as possible, and don't mow during the first 10 days.