Superior Fescue

$0.67 / sq ft

8 sq ft pieces


Tall fescue grass is a common choice for sod production, residential lawns, and sports turf. It easily adapts to a broad range of environmental conditions and sod types. Tall fescue performs in sun and shade, handles moderate drought, and resists insects and diseases.

At California Sod Center, we harvest tall fescue grass in Chino, CA. This deeply rooted, green grass has a high wear tolerance and the ability to withstand summer temperatures. When properly maintained, tall fescue looks great where heat, humidity and disease would normally prevail.


Our Superior Fescue sod incorporates a variety of tall fescue grasses. For the sod to hold together, it needs grasses with rhizomes. Rhizomes refer to roots that grow both above and beneath the soil. When sod is harvested, the root system is cut. The rhizomes hold the sod together to keep it from falling apart. They also help repair the sod by forming new growth when exhibiting damage, thinning, or bare spots. Our Superior Fescue sod not only repairs itself, but deep roots help save watering time.


  • Piece size: 2' wide x 4' long (8 sqft)
  • Weight: Appx. 40lbs per piece
  • Soil Thickness: ½" - ¾"
  • 1 full pallet: 64 rolls = 512 sq. ft.

Delivery Information

California Sod Center prides ourselves on delivering quality fescue grass in Chino, CA. We use the latest technology to provide sod rich in color, thickness, and texture. Our harvesting machines cut 8 sq. ft. rolls of sod pieces.

Please note that we do have a minimum delivery quantity in place. For orders over 1000 square feet, any shipping costs will be waived.