Eight Inspiring Ideas to Remake your Lawn

Wed Dec 14 2016 | off-topic | sod

Perhaps the greatest advantage of sod is it’s convenience -- simply roll out and cut to fit any space and shape. It’s easy to break an otherwise monotonous landscape into sections according to personal taste and style.

Lush, vibrant Superior Fescue sod can be the perfect backdrop to a variety of low-water foliage, funky artwork and more. The grass is cold-activated, so you can plant it during the crisper months and maintain a rich green lawn throughout the year. Here are California Sod Center’s favorite design elements to help revive a neglected yard:

1. Bamboo Walls

Bamboo straws are an affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to vinyl or wood fencing. They imbue outdoor spaces with a tranquil, natural feel. Carve out a sanctuary within your backyard using bamboo walls for shading and privacy.

2. Vertical Gardens

Add foliage without cutting into your lawn space, by planting it vertically. Grow flowers, succulents, or edible plants including strawberries or herbs on a stand alone vertical garden, using wire mesh walls or pallets, or sprout “green walls” by installing vertical planters on the outside of your home.

3. Fountain Planters

Fountains provide an excellent focal point to any landscape design. Homeowners who live in drought-conscious southern California, however, might consider transforming their fountain into a planter. Fill them with soil and add low-water plants like agave and other succulents.

4. Funky Pavers

Ditch the slate and concrete -- practically anything with a flat surface can be used as a paver. Consider building your walkway using treated pallet boards, cross-sections from a tree trunk, or oddly shaped flagstones. Plant grasses or other ground cover between pavers for a more rustic feel.

Yard and sod style

Photo credit: Tyler Bell via Flickr

5. Art

Add whimsy to outdoor landscapes by placing original or vintage sculptures among the shrubbery. Tuck art into the natural nooks of your garden to create “discoverable” objects.

6. A Splash of Color

Many low-maintenance, drought-friendly flowers are bursting with vibrant colors, including Asters, California poppies, and Salvia splendens. Brighten up your yard by adding low-water flowers at the perimeter of your home or at the curb. Bonus: planting brightly colored native plants, such as the California honeysuckle, helps attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

7. Backyard Orchard

Fruit trees make a pleasant addition to any natural landscape. Even a small section of your backyard can support several trees. Choose low-water species such as dragon fruit, pomegranates, loquats, apricots, figs, peaches, and plums.

8. Ornamental Native Grasses

Many of the wild grasses native to California have thick blades and grow in “bunches.” They make lousy lawn turf, but pretty foliage. Plant bunch grasses where garden meets grass for a natural boundary.

Creative elements can help personalize your property and add curb appeal. Start with a healthy, green, arid-friendly grass like superior fescue, to enhance the natural beauty of your design.

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